5×7 Greeting Card Sets of Linda’s Oil Paintings

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Our Seeds

Saving open-pollinated, heirloom seeds is not only fun, but a trip down memory lane. You’ll see what we mean at our Etsy Shop, where you can buy seeds, grow your own, and read about the amazing history of each variety.

Paintings & Prints

A tribute to the preservation of heirloom seeds and their harvest.

NEW AT OUR ETSY SHOP! 5×7 Greeting Card sets (5- and 10-pack) of Linda’s Canning Jars series in oils.

ALSO AT ETSY: Gallery quality, archival prints. Free shipping!


While Little Turtle Island and Yellow Bird explore the fascinating flaws inherent in the human condition, both novels also reveal the magnificent beauty that existed in the natural world of the past.

About Us

Linda and Dave live in northern Maryland, where they grow heirloom veggies, flowers, and lots of stories. We’d love to hear from you!

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